Substance Abuse Billing in Los Angeles County Centers

Substance Abuse Billing in Los Angeles County Centers

Hours spent looking up the new medical codes, and then spent coding them in. Phone calls to the insurance company, arguing to get the money that you deserve. Following up for payment, only to be met with a combination of resistance and disinterest. Waiting on VOBs that never actually seem to get v-ed. That’s the experience of far too many centers. We provide substance abuse billing in Los Angeles for physicians, surgeons, and medical providers. Now, imagine that one day, all the concerns we mentioned simply… disappear. They are there for one moment, and then the next, they are gone. What would you do? How would your practice benefit? That’s what we can do. 

More Time for Your Patients 

Evidence has shown that outsourcing your medical billing makes it possible to increase pre-authorized treatment days for your patients. Even more amazingly, many practices are able to do so by nearly 50%. Imagine being able to give your patients that much more recovery time. That can make all of the difference in the world in terms of them being able to fully recover from their injuries, to say nothing of the improvement of their quality of life. As a medical billing company, we see ourselves as partners to our clients. By giving you the opportunity to do this, we like to think that, in some small way, we are helping your patients too. 

Substance Abuse Billing in Los AngelesA Stand Against Insurance Companies 

Think of everything that you and your staff have to do in the course of a day. Being fully stocked on the necessary supplies, keeping up to date on the news and advancements in your field, maintaining all of the necessary appointments, and so forth - and that’s even before you get to the treatment of your patients. In all of that, there’s no time to spend fighting with the insurance companies. It can be exceedingly hard for medical providers to get all of the money that they deserve from insurance companies. After all, for the most part, insurance companies understand that they can just wear you down. They may feel that they just have to stonewall you until you accept getting less money that you deserve. That doesn’t work when you hire us. Our trained professionals can keep on them, making sure that you get what you deserve. We don’t let up until you get paid. 

Helping Substance Abuse in Los Angeles County Centers and Others 

Think of everything you’ve learned about your field of expertise since you left school. Reflect on everything that you’ve discovered since you began practicing in the “real world.” If you’re like most of the medical providers we’ve talked to, what you’ve learned is immense. The same goes with our medical billing. Since we’ve been at this for several years, we know about more potential billing opportunities than we did in the past, and certainly more than your employees can discover in some quick Googling. Instead of saddling them with that burden, lift it from their shoulders, and let our professionals handle it. You can start today by calling us at (866) 468-6560. 

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