Medical billing los angeles

Better Medical Billing In Los Angeles County: Empowering Providers

Patients want to believe in their healthcare providers. Whether they are an addict going to a substance abuse facility, someone with flu-like symptoms meeting a physician, or someone going to the hospital for surgery, patients want to see their healthcare providers in control. They want...

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Physician Billing in Antelope County: For Health of Practice and Patients

In these blogs, when we discuss the benefits of physician billing in Antelope County or the surrounding Southern California area, we tend to frame them in the context of speed. You’ll receive VOBs faster, you won’t have to wait around to get the money that you deserve for your services,...

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Substance Abuse Billing in Los Angeles County Centers

Hours spent looking up the new medical codes, and then spent coding them in. Phone calls to the insurance company, arguing to get the money that you deserve. Following up for payment, only to be met with a combination of resistance and disinterest. Waiting on VOBs that never actually...

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“Aggressive and Persistent” Workers Compensation Billing in Orange County

If you go to our site, we describe our collections as “aggressive and persistent.” Those words are the beginning of what we do for our clients. You work hard for your patients. You do everything you can to ensure their treatment and to improve their lives. We believe that you deserve to...

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Medical Billing in Los Angeles County Deals With Insurance For You

No one likes to deal with insurance companies, but they are a reality of the healthcare industry and somebody has to. Our team at CodeMax Medical Billing wants to make sure that you have to do so as little as possible so that you can focus on actually providing the care your patients...

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