Substance abuse billing

Substance Abuse Billing in Los Angeles County Centers

Hours spent looking up the new medical codes, and then spent coding them in. Phone calls to the insurance company, arguing to get the money that you deserve. Following up for payment, only to be met with a combination of resistance and disinterest. Waiting on VOBs that never actually...

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What Substance Abuse Centers Need to Know about Coding Errors

You started your substance abuse centers (or primary mental health treatment centers, or another kind of medical services) to help people in need. In our experience, many of the people who work at a drug or alcohol abuse facility have been through the recovery process themselves, and...

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How Substance Abuse Centers (and others) can get the Revenue they deserve

Substance abuse centers are places to help struggling people to receive the treatment that they need. Unfortunately, good intentions alone cannot keep the lights on. Even the most modest recovery center or medical office has bills that must be paid. Too often, claims take a month, a...

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