Does Your Substance Abuse Billing Company challenge claims denied or paid at low rates for your actual billed services even after medical records have been reviewed?

Most billing companies give up and tell you that your claims were denied based on the insurance company's internal assessment of  medical necessity using their physician led criteria.  This is a common defense.  We don't stop there.  CodeMax's Utilization Review team is also led by an experienced Physician who has practiced Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment for over 20 years.  Under contract with CodeMax, our Physician communicates with your clinical staff, often confirming patient psychopathology by interacting with the patient, substantiating medical necessity by clarifying what an internal insurance company doctor can't do, which is observe the patient in making the assessment. This usually overcomes their internal assessment to medical necessity or sets the standard for a winning appeal. That's patient care at the highest levels - and thats money in the bank left behind by your current medical billing company.  Tired of the same excuses?  Give us a call or fill this out and we'll gladly contact you.  You'll be glad you did.  

Effective billing for mental health requires knowledge and close collaboration between our experienced ICD-10 coders and your clinical team.  

What's the main revenue stream obstacle in your medical practice. Your first reaction to Mental health practitioners know that billing practices are a huge undertaking and require a close unity if you are going to outsource.  The billing industry is unwieldy with hundreds of payers having several different codes and nuances for the same behavioral health treatment.  If you are a small practice it may make sense to you to keep your billing in house.  However, its not often easy not only to stay on top of how payers are paying, but whether what they're paying vs. what they should be paying. Should is emphasized because maximum reimbursements are often not what are actually paid, and being reimbursed anything less is really incorrect.  Lots of incorrect means lots of missed out revenue to you.  


Medical Billing for Hospital Physicians, Doctors’ Offices, Surgery Centers, and Laboratories

Larger practices, groups, networks, etc. could derive tremendous benefit from outsourcing to a full service RCM company.  

Our emphasis is on the "M" in revenue cycle management.  Most medical billing companies don't do a great deal of M, just the R and the C, they're simply pushing out claims for their clients.  They're revenue cycling (or cycling revenue), but not managing.

CodeMax is a true Revenue Cycle Management company.  We want to build and grow by helping our clients get the maximum payments for their professional medical services.  We heavily emphasize the "M", we make do this by hiring and training only the best medical coders and then structure rewards and incentives tied to maximizing your claims.  We can easily increase your revenue by 20-30%, and an RCM company should be easily able to prove that on an audit, not just say it.  

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You already know how difficult the insurance companies are to deal with. They are often slow to provide VOB’s, dispute your claims due to coding technicalities or errors, and delay payments on treatments already approved and provided.

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