The success of your rehab or recovery center can be measured in two ways: First, by your ability to help your patients overcome their addictions and live a healthy, fulfilling life; And second, by your ability to run your business at a profit. That means you need to do more than just provide treatment and fill beds, but also need to develop a revenue cycle management and medical billing process that enables you to quickly fill those beds, keep those beds filled, and collect on your insurance claims faster and more efficiently. That is why understanding what is unique about medical billing for rehab and recovery facilities is so important.

How To Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing

CodeMax Medical Billing improves your medical billing process through our experience and expertise with the rehab and recovery business. We know how to ask insurance companies the right questions and say the right things to ensure that your patients get the treatment that you say they need. And when the insurance companies push back, our legal team is ready to enforce the laws as they exist, fighting for both your facility and your patients.

The medical system is difficult to navigate on your own. Medical billing for rehab and recovery facilities are complicated and different for every insurance company, and the insurance companies may fight you tooth and nail to substitute lesser treatments for the ones you know your patient needs, to reduce treatment duration, and to look for every loophole or error as a reason for denying coverage. Meanwhile, you know that the most important thing is that your patients get the treatment they need…and that you need to be properly compensated for the good work you do.

You can rely on our team to help you collect more, so you can improve the operational efficiency and quality of care at your rehab and recovery centers.

Why Work with CodeMaxMB?

No one understands medical billing for rehab and recovery centers like we do. We’ve turned the billing process into a science and know how to get your patients approved for the proper treatment, more time for each treatment, and your facility more money for their stay.

With CodeMaxMB, you get…

  • Accurate Coding, which gets your claims approved more quickly, and maximizes your payments on every claim.
  • Fast VOB’s, which means your admissions won’t be needlessly delayed.
  • Aggressive and Persistent Collections, which gets you paid for the services you provide and improves your cash flow.
  • Improvements to your quality of care. Additional recovery time can make all the difference. Our system has been shown to increase pre-authorized treatment days by nearly 50%.
  • Increased revenues. We identify inefficiencies in your and billing systems that are costing you money and highlight new potential billing opportunities you might be overlooking. Some of our past clients have seen their revenues grow by as much as 30%.
  • Lower Overhead. By making CodeMaxMB your outsourced medical billing department, you no longer need to maintain an internal department.
  • Enforcement. Our legal team is always available to fight the insurance companies when they attempt something that violates the regulations that are designed to treat you and your patients fairly.

CodeMaxMB is the leader in medical billing for rehab and recovery facilities. Go here for more information about why that is true.

Medical Billing for Rehabs and Recovery Centers

CodeMaxMB has years of experience developing medical billing systems for rehabs and recovery centers. We know exactly what your business needs to do to treat more patients and collect with increased efficiency: which codes to assign for each and every treatment, how to communicate with insurance companies to reduce friction, and most importantly, how to enable you to provide the best quality of care based on the needs of your patients.

Contact Us For Better Medical Billing

CodeMax Medical Billing works with you to improve and streamline your revenue cycle management and medical billing processes. Don’t let insurance companies reduce your utilization rates. Contact CodeMaxMB today by calling (888) 843-1824 and speak with one of our Revenue Maximization Specialists today.