Did you know that failure to systematically challenge low payments even if the initial response is that it was paid at the UCR rate, will often result in a loss of a minimum of 30% to your Treatment Center?

How Many low payment claims are being challenged by your current Billing Company?

We have a dedicated and built in system to challenge all low payments on all claims that fall below UCR (Usual Customary and Reasonable) standards for your billed services.  How do we determine UCR?  We don't take the initial response from the insurance customer service rep, rather we compare UCR by comparing the claim offered amount to other claim offers from the same payor on same or similar policies for services within your zip code.  If we find higher rates for UCR standards then we alert the rep of such and immediately challenge the low offer on this basis and often receive a higher offer of greater than 30% of the original offer!  We use time tested and industry proven techniques to challenge low payments.  This is just one example.    SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER BELOW TO LEARN MORE, or Set Up a Quick Call with us here and let us show you how we can help you increase your monthly revenues.