Let Us Invest in Your Success

Billing & Claims Management

We Are Your Revenue Cycle Partner

Are you looking for somebody to handle claims submissions, tracking and payment posting? We are a dedicated team of professionals operating in closely knit departments designed to seamlessly handle each step of the billing process.  We double verify and update your verification of benefits. We enhance your Utilization review. Our billing and claims coders are experienced and 100% reliable on sending out clean claims, and our claims management and appeals team challenges every payment below UCR* thresholds.  Our  quality assurance team works hand in hand with our appeals department, making sure your  med necessity documentation is perfect when sent to the provider.  Finally our payment posting and reporting teams generate reports weekly so you know where you are financially when you need it most, on your time! 

Utilization Management

We are Experts in Maximizing your Client's Insurance Benefits

Our UR Team is led by an ASAM certified  Physician who provides oversight to our UR staff of clinicians, reviewing medical necessity documentation to make sure your patients obtain the longest stays at the highest levels of care while under your care.      

We will help you and your staff in many ways:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of admission and continued stay criteria
  • Audit your current practices to make sure you have effective clinical documentation, intensity of services, program scheduling, etc.
  • Explain the peer-to-peer review process, with our Physician countering any UR medical necessity issues brought up on claims review or appeals
  • Utilize our established relationships with care managers at the top providers frequently contacted for UR management

Consulting Services

Consulting Tailored to Your Practice

Our deep operational experience allows us to better understand the real issues your treatment center or practice faces.  Our Management are seasoned Behavioral Health Treatment Center owners committed to help improve your day-to-day operations, clinical care and stream line your processes to increase your revenue while maintaining regulatory compliance - all built into our service guarantee and at no additional cost.  

Just Some Examples of How We Go Beyond  Billing and Become your Partner for Success:

  • We Teach Charting to Acuity
  • We Review and Develop Admissions best practices & Client Packets for JCAHO
  • Templates for documentation
  • Teach you on Payor Trends
  • Update your staff on Level of Care Guidelines 
  • Advise on Client / Insurance Selection
  • Include you in our Fully Compliant Internal Client  Network
  • Keep you up to date on Latest Developments on Payor Treatment of Out of Network Providers and How to Appeal Offsets